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Amsterdam Tourism

Amsterdam – Tranquilized and Beautiful European City settled in Composed Atmosphere

Amsterdam is a soothing and composed city, an ancient 17th century old capital of Netherland, structured on whopping network consisting of 100 canals, making a perfect canal system. The activities and hilariousness do not come to an end, when you are in Amsterdam. The city offers diversified experiences besides the exceptional variedness that the fabulous city carries along. The uniqueness of Amsterdam lies in its creativity, suaveness and the kaleidoscopic views enriching night life and the fabulous junket areas. Once in Amsterdam, the travellers are not going to find any dearth in the adventure, excitement, besides the momentous pleasures of the life.

Histrionics have its own embodiment out here in Amsterdam, and this alternates with awesomeness of the gothic styled museums, supercooled ambiances apart from blissful lineage of skylines, landscapes and cityscapes. The European city is handsome, vivacious and checkered with huge architectures, often appealing and mesmerized that motivates the liking and otherwise imaginative moods of the global travellers. Boat tours on the calm and turquoise waters, festooned by the ancient styled houses lined and banked across the edges tells the story of ethereal atmosphere. If heaven has descended on the Earth, it is right here in Amsterdam.

This Netherland city happens to be one of the ancient and well-developed port capitals connecting the Netherland to rest of the world, groped in the international trading.

Beauty is something Amsterdam was gifted in multiple forms, and its magical landscape is definitely something that you must explore. Amsterdam is packed with cobbled streets and hidden gems that are a treat for the eyes and your soul. The sky touching skyscrapers, historical architectures and mystical canals titillate your senses in more than one way. It is dotted with various attractions like museums, parks, architectural marvels, and theatres. You can also find here some of the most beautiful tulip gardens that can evoke your senses with a fragrant smell. It’s cannabis-cafes, and the red-light area further attracts the visitors to have a glimpse of this beautiful city. The churches and palaces further leave the visitors spellbound with their grandeur and architectural magnificence.

Amsterdam is undoubtedly the hottest destination, where thrill is not going to come to an end. Biking, or Canoeing, or Zip lining, or climbing the rocks, the city has it all. Travellers interested in offbeat tour activities have the advantage of booking interesting tours that would make good difference to the travelling.

Interesting Places Worth Visiting in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has absolutely no dearth of the interesting tourist destinations and fascinating points. There is an endless trail of touristy destinations in Amsterdam and describing each one of them is equivalent to writing an extended story with no finished line. Here are a few interesting spots to look around on the first place:

#1 - Rijksmuseum - 800 Years of Forming of Renaissance and Dutch Inhabitance

The Rijksmuseum is the Gothic Museum designed as Castle is positioned in Museum Square inside the district, South of Amsterdam, showcasing the evolution of Applied Art Forms, Traditional Dutch Arts. The 800 years of tumultuous drama within Dutch history is also portrayed on the gargantuan halls of the museum. The greatness of Rijksmuseum museum can be ascertained from the fact that it lies in the vicinity of notable architectures like the Concertgebouw museum, Van Gogh museum and the Stedelijk museum.

#2 - Vondelpark- Fantabulous Public Park Manicured and Embellished by Inclined Lawns and Freshwater Ponds

Situated in the large district of Amsterdam-Zuid and nestled to the West from the Leidseplein and the Museumplein is the Vondelpark. The lush green lawns of the park are interspersed with fresh water ponds and many other key sights like Music Dome made from Cast Iron, Pavilion known for the Vertigo, and the Groot Melkhuls- the open playground for carrying children activities. Vondelpark is the designated space swindled with busy lifestyle as depicted in activities like free strolling in the grass, brisk walking, light music listening, dog strolling etc. In summers and starting of the winters, there are concerts organized in the amphitheaters and bandstand. All these events are promising, exciting and a platform to give free outlet to the emotions. Besides, the sculpted giants of the Dutch Poet like Vondel, or the concrete abstract of “Fish” or the Bronze Structure of “Mama Baranka” lends an ostensible gravity to the park and its various zones.

#3 - Blijburg Beach – Artificial Coastal Land and Urban Beach with Unlimited Fun on Sandy Playgrounds

Dutch are friendly and fun-loving people who strongly believe in creating a utopian presence in and around their living spaces. The inferences of these are quite commonly seen in Blijburg Beach, situated on the artificial island of Ijburg. The fantabulous beach is a flawless place for travellers to experience superb activities like sunbathing, beach parties, swimming etc. The excitement rolls in every day and travellers find themselves living through the times of idealized moments. Spending the time in newly constructed and covetous Blijburg cafe is a celestial dream of every traveller and the bars and comfy external seating arrangements set up the mood for a lively atmosphere.

#4 - Zaanse Schans Windmill Hamlet – Endearing landscape for the Cheese Delicacy

Zaanse Schans Windmill stands tall and upright in the village of Zaanse Schans, forming an integral part of the regular trip of the travellers. The charm is doubled up as the travellers find themselves imbued within the Dutch cultural traditions sighted in clog museum and superbly kempt cheese farming areas. The interest of travellers will develop further as they look around to the original clogs made out of the wood.

#5- Oude Kerk – The Ancient Church Preserving Contemporary Dutch Arts and Historical Legacy

Oude Kerk is a popular old Roman Catholic church monumental with boundaries shared with Amsterdam’s Red-Light District. The church adopted Calvinist performance after there were somber upheaval that occurred in the middle and the late 16th century. The church holds strong symbolism to the arts and cultural heritage with paintings of few of distinguished artists like Janet Cardiff, George Bures Miller, Marinus Boezem and Christian Boltanski. Oude Kerk has an interesting history created around the Dutch way of living and lifestyle. The ancient church holds quite ancient artefacts and the organs that were created in the year of 2010. There are also the moments when international travellers have advantage of participating in the arts bound exhibitions and the concerts.

#6- Eye Film Museum – The Center Point of Dutch Films and Foreign Media

The travellers who have penchant for the European films, cinema will make go through at Eye Film Museum. The museum has a comprehensive amass of more than 40,000 film archives with a huge library depicting the European cinema. The museum also works as conservation center. Besides the film archives there is wide range of data from the history, which also includes the photographs, documentation, sound chores and old age technology, which was once used in the international and Dutch films. The museum is surrounded by state-of-the-art libraries, gift shops, magnificent cafes and sophisticated place for family outing.

Cheap Flights to/from Amsterdam – Frequently Asked Questions

Ques- What are the budget airlines flying to/from Amsterdam to/from Canada/USA?

Ans- Spirit Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Allegiant Air, Turkish Airlines, KLM, Lufthansa and Finnair are few of the budgeted airlines that fly to Amsterdam. These airlines offer the best deals for the season, and the travellers flying to Amsterdam will not be financially stressed out.

Ques- What are the cheapest months to fly to Amsterdam to/from Canada/USA?

Ans - February is the cheapest or the most economical month to fly to Amsterdam. In general, the autumn and winter months register low traffic. The rush is extremely low and tickets are sold on reduced prices. It is also significant here that the airfares are running damn low from November through March.

Ques- What is considered as the ideal time for travelling to Amsterdam to/from Canada/USA?

Ans -The months from April through May and September through November are the good seasons for the travellers. The season immediately after the summer time is convenient enough for the international travellers to fly to Amsterdam and enjoy exploring the places.

Ques - What is considered as the most frigid month in Amsterdam?

Ans - The month of January is regarded as the coldest month in Amsterdam, and this is when the frequency of travelling is reduced. The average temperatures in January would vary between 34°F and 42°F.

Ques - What is the considered as the best days of the week for booking the flight tickets?

Ans – Usually, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are considered to be affordable days to fly to Amsterdam from Canada and the USA. In case of the economy tickets, the price of flight tickets on the lower side. It is better that you browse the flight tickets comparison websites to make the final decision.

Ques - How you can get around in Amsterdam, easily and conveniently?

Ans – The best way to move around in Amsterdam is to rent a city bike, and it is also the most convenient way too. Besides, the travellers can also seek the services of public transport system like Trams, Subways and the buses.

Ques – What are the best international airlines flying to/from Amsterdam FROM Canada/USA?

Ans - Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, EVA Air, Emirates, La Compagnie, Turkish Airlines, Japan Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Korean Airline, American Airlines, British Airways, Air New Zealand, Air Canada, Lufthansa, SWISS etc. are few international airlines flying to and from Amsterdam to and from Canada/USA. Well, there are other airlines that you can look around and compare on the internet.

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