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Flights to London

London is the finest metropolis and a class of its own one of the most fascinating cities on the planet. Old streets lined with historic monuments, luxury boutiques and award-winning theaters are dotted with modern architectural marvels such as the Shard. Beautiful streets surround iconic landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and St. Paul's Cathedral that makes visitors stare at its beauty and leave without taking photos to save on their phone. With so many great tourist spots and fascinating things to do, it's no wonder that London is one of the most visited cities in the world, with over 20 million visitors a year.

Interesting Places Worth Visiting in London

There may be a flow of vacationers all through the year and there is a little hope of escaping the crowds. The primary attractions include:

Buckingham Palace, Buckingham – The Place of royalty in the United Kingdom

Buckingham Palace is where the Queen Elizabeth II holds her official residence in London. Buckingham Palace is also the true mark of monarchy and royalty since year 1837. With the history and the facts that run through the years, the palace has been Queen Victoria’s living abode when she held the throne as the first monarch. If put in true words, Buckingham Palace is the “Walled Oasis” dotted by more than 200 exotic tree species, a sprawling 3-acres lake and more than 300 plants belonging to the category of wild flowers. The exquisite walking trips in the compounds of Buckingham Palace seem to give exhilarating experience.

On the faintest of the times, your Imagination may dunk for a while if you start thinking over the question - Is Buckingham Palace worth visiting and spending time? The palace holds royalty, amazement and several realistic experiences that travelers may have never lived through. North Americans find Buckingham Palace more than extravagant equally experiential in nature. And for the travelers who think that it is an overrated destination spot, the reality however stands off the way.

Tower Bridge – The Neo-Gothic Styled Bascule Bridge

The brilliant tower of London has served many functions over the years, from a prison to a palace, a treasure vault to a non-public zoo. The outstanding Tower Bridge has symbolism and relationship established to the Neo-Gothic form of architecture. The bridge is flexible because it is movable with the girders. These are the heavy-duty structures that use state of the art liftable technology. The bascule bridge is double leafed, and its structure is designed in the manner that ships can easily pass through without any hassles. The bridge was constructed within 1886 and 1894 and established as representation of the United Kingdom and the London.

The fascinating part of Tower Bridge is that it was structured in the manner to appear more antique than ever. The bridge was constructed using the medieval engineering and had similarity to the Tower of London. The essential purpose behind the construction of Tower Bridge was to allow the quick movement of public across the Thames River during the Victorian Era. Since Thames was one of the prominent routes for the sea transportation, the design of Tower Bridge was made to let the passenger ships to maneuver and pass smoothly.

London Eye - The long-lasting Observation Center

The London eye is known to be the fabulous and one of the largest observation points that was constructed in 1999 on the southern bank of the popular River Thames. The London Eye is a cantilever constructed round shaped structure standing tall at the height of 135 Meters, offering a 360 Degrees view of London, and distancing up to field of view measurable to 25 Kilometers. The London Eye has 32 capsules and each of these are perfect representation of 32 Boroughs. The reality behind construction of London Eye is the celebration of the New Millennium. The capsules on London Eye are rentable for organizing small events and fulfilling the small-scale intents and purposes. London Eye is the representation of Modern London, an iconic place resembling the development of the city over the years.

This huge and fantabulous structure holds importance even in PR and marketing campaigns of London and all advanced nations. If not anything else, London Eye is supposedly the power of ultra-modern design and exclusive engineering.

Madame Tussauds, London – The Studio where Celebrities are All-Time Living Entity

It is an impressively great tourist attraction of the recent times. Visiting this exemplary studio, tourists feel amazed in wax sculptures and interactive zones that carry your favorite movie characters and celebrities to life. Revel in walking the pink carpet along with your favourite celebrities; from Benedict Cumberbatch to Johnny Depp to Her Majesty the queen, or discover your favourite film scenes inside the special superstar wars sector.

The Tower of London – A Perfection of Military Architecture and Awe-inspiring British Royalty

There is not even a single tourist guide book that goes without the mention of “The Tower of London” and of course, a fascinating story beholding the Normandy architecture always circumvents it. The tower is standing upright on the banks of river Thames and constructed in the supervision of the great William the Conqueror for lending protection to London and rendering his powerful allegiance to the city and British hegemony. The Tower of London was constructed as circumference across the White Tower. It holds on to its walls a unique layering that sails through the history and renders out a truly befitting monumental experience.

The Tower of London had worked both as a castle and the fortress with history dating more than 900 years. It happens to be ancient, having a strong association with military background. Besides holding the crown jewels, this tower was earlier the citadel of popular and ill-famed prisoners who did crime against the British royalty on one or the other instance.

Over a period of time, The Tower of London had been an eventful structure that lived through the history. During the heydays of 19th Century, the tower housed “The Royal Mint,” and there was a Royal Menagerie that later came to an end in the year of 1835. Other petite offices in holding within the stronghold of “The Tower of London” consisted of Armory and Barracks, A Records Office and Royal Residency in early 17th Century.

The British Museum – The Fascination around the Artefacts Never Comes to End

There is absolutely no limit to amazement when it comes to British Museum. It is not only the building created out of mere concrete and stones, tourists shall find amazing workshops, innovatively styled restaurants and overwhelming structures too. The museum also has plenty of workshops as well as lectures on the history of British Empire. The museum portrays one of the finest and quite rare collection of antique artifacts touching more than 13 Million mark. This is the where the ancient British world manifests itself through the priceless gathering of articles and antique items from Europe, Babylonia, Assyria and rest of the globe. The excitement keeps rolling off and on, when the travelers delve into guide books and learn more British Museum and the history associated with the building.

One of the popular exhibits for the travelers to visit in British Museum is Elgin Marbles with references held from the times of Parthenon. The huge and overwhelmingly captivating Ramesses II, and the Egyptian mummies speak of great virtues. British Museum is also were tourist will start feeling fantastical of old age and 4th Century old piece of artefact associating itself to the Roman Silver, named as Mildenhall Treasure. The spectacular treasure is truly a perfect marvel, with relevance to Roman lifestyle.

Cheap Flights to/from London to/from Canada/USA – Frequently Asked Questions

Ques- What are the budget airlines flying to/from London to/from Canada/USA?

Ans- Spirit Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Allegiant Air, Turkish Airlines, KLM, Lufthansa etc. are best and budget airlines, which fly on regular basis to and from London to and from Amsterdam. These airlines will not put any stress on the budget of an average traveler. Above all, the traveller shall saves money too.

Ques- What are the cheapest months to fly to/from London to/from Canada/USA?

Ans - February is quite affordable month to fly to and from London to/from Canada/USA. Usually, the seasons of autumn and winter months shows up low passenger traffic and tickets are sold on extremely reduced rates. More obviously, the flight fares are the lowest during the months of November through the March. You can always check out the flight deals on trusted flight comparison websites.

Ques- What is considered as the ideal time for traveling to/from London to/from Canada/USA?

Ans -The months from April through May and September through November are the good seasons for the travelers. The season immediately after the summer time is convenient enough for the international travelers to fly to Amsterdam and enjoy exploring the places.

Ques - What is month with an extreme cold temperature in London?

Ans - The month of February is coldest of all in London. The average lowest temperature recorded in London is settled between 39°F and 48°F. However, the Max. and Min. are likely to vary.

Ques - What are ideal days in the week for booking the flight tickets to London?

Ans – Generally, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are affordable to fly to and from London to/from Canada or the USA. If it is the tickets for the economy cabin, airfares on the low side. Apply the comparison and shopping strategy before you book the flight tickets to and from London to and from Canada/USA.

Ques - How you can get around in London, easily and conveniently?

Ans – The London Underground (Tube) is indeed one of the convenient methods of getting around in London and the UK. Most of the travellers (local or international) love to travel between the London cities in Tubes. The underground network is well connected and offers the easiest mode of transportation.

Ques – What are the best international airlines flying to and from London?

Ans - Qatar Airways, EVA Air, Emirates, La Compagnie, Turkish Airlines, Japan Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Korean Airline, American Airlines, British Airways, Air New Zealand, Air Canada, Lufthansa, SWISS etc. are few international airlines flying to and from London to and from Canada/USA. Well, there are other airlines that you can look around and compare the airfares on the internet.

Ques-Which is the best time to fly to and from London to and from Canada and the USA?

Ans - In general, Sunday is the affordable day for booking the flight to and from the London to and from Canada/USA. Similarly, the international travellers travelling to and from the Canada/USA can think of booking the flight tickets on Friday, as this is the time when airfares are low.

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