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New York To London 

Life is a true adventure and an endless journey of the unexpected, the unknown, and the unusual. Life in the Big Apple is not always all sunshine and rainbows. New York’s life is often taxing consumed by their daily routines causing to become self-absorbed which can sometimes have an adverse impact on their health, happiness, and future. Traveling is excellent and entertaining as much as it offers eye-opening experiences for finding and maintaining an inner balance. A New Yorker wishing to seek solitude and escape the perplexity of city life, will view London an immensely great eye opener imbued in an incredible richness. The solitude is showcased in Britain’s enchanted hamlets and counties but technologically advanced cities like London exudes an enormous feeling of excitement.

London, and the gorgeous London City, aka the Square Mile, offer a better sense of vastness and oddity entrenched in the mundane world. The spectacularly beautiful metropolis is full of incredible richness showcased in its enormous azure. It is a city of dreams and one of the most popular tourist attractions, a fusion of old and new that presents you with unforgettable adventures and awakens your inner strengths. The men and women of quaint delicacies and sophisticated cuisines view London as an epicurean city.  London is unquestionably a fantastic place to visit for the likers of mild climate, when summers aren't too hot and winters seem not too cold either. London holds under its garb unlimited attractions and tourist places filled with conundrums that were once the part of the turbulent past.   

Exceptional and Worthwhile Tourist Destinations in London 

A New Yorker, or possibly a Yankee from a diversified socio-economic and political background is overwhelmed by the London’s landscape. He begins to find London as a super amazing tourist center filled with new age snapshots, and much of these snapshots even strike an imaginative chord. London is the city of revolutions, political upheavals and the royalty that surpass the borders and hold firm claims as well as authority over the far-flung lands.   The tourist destination that a New Yorker would find in London, holds immense popularity and cosmopolitan dispositions as well as temperaments.  Structures like Big Ben, or Tower Bridge, or British Museum are obvious points of contact for tourists from across the globe, but New Yorkers like to hangout to offbeat Financial Districts, London is a wholesome and fulgent land that eulogizes excitement and economic culture.  Here are the top-notch tourist destination spots for a New Yorker to explore:

London Eye – Not Any Usual Bridge, rather a Hallmark of Structural Engineering

London Eye, the tallest structure appearing as a projecting beam fixed at the end to form an interlocking support. The structure is a special engineering triumph offering an unusual way to experience the mesmerizing holistic view of the London city and beyond. It is located on the south bank of the Thames offering an exquisite view of the river as it twists and bends into the cityscape. On a clear day, New Yorkers shall find a clear view up to 25 miles while standing on the London Eye. The individual parts of London Eye were built and designed at several places, which include Netherlands, the UK, Germany, Italy, and the Czech Republic. Enjoy the sightseeing of glimmering lights of the whole city providing breath taking views of top iconic landmarks like Big Ben, the Buckingham Palace, the houses of Parliament etc. Make your experience truly unforgettable by hosting a high-end dining experience 443ft high in a moving capsule of London Eye. It is where spotting favorite personalities is a new normal and travelers find it truly captivating to have the celebrities brush the shoulders with them. 

Tower Bridge – Spell Binding Experience of Vertical Engineering and Surprise for Tourists

A Londoner may vanquish his or her imagination for a microsecond as he or she tries to catch the view of life in London. On the contrary, New Yorker who has the usual days of climbing skyscrapers and tall structures every now and then, may not find Tower Bridge quite alluring. The reality is that the Bridge overlooking the mighty river Thames, however, becomes the reason for a New Yorker to visit and create an undisputed story of this phenomenal example of vertical engineering. The bridge with length touching 800 feet and well-adjusted by two 213 feet towers and horizontal walkways, is most classy bascule ever constructed in the world. And from the psyche of a New Yorker, Tower Bridge creates an impression of implicating the antiquities of engineering with advancements of human mind.   Tourists also have the advantage to gain a lift access, which would take them to all tower levels and the Engine Rooms.  The bridge looks spectacular when lit at night, so do not miss this remarkable scene during daylight hours. It is an adventure that has given the attraction ability to make a truly lasting imprint.

Madame Tussauds, London – The Studio of Waxed Celebrities and Animated Characters 

There is always a life after the life, and this is an apt statement with respect to Madame Tussauds in London City. Animated characters become enriched in a new disposition, royalty extols itself to the acme, and politicos are seen shaking hands and embracing cultures without traveling miles on their official jet liners – the action is fertile and happening in the atelier of Madame Tussauds.  The fabulous atelier holds more than 150 lifelike wax statues and has 11 themed zones like Star Wars, marvel, royal zone etc. Madame Tussauds is a major tourist attraction combining glitz and glamour with incredible history, interactive zones and the amazing Marvel Heroes 4D movie experience. The best season to visit Madame Tussauds is between middle of September and March as during this time, most of the studio space is less crowded giving easy accessibility to the visitors. 

Sea Life London Aquarium – Under the Water and Unfathomed Life and Living 

Experience the dazzling underwater life by taking a close look at the ocean's most majestic creatures swimming just inches beneath your feet! Enjoy interaction with species, educational talks, diving displays, and live feeding sessions at Sea Life London Aquarium, a home to over 400 marine species from every part of the world spread in 14 themed zones extending and expanding over 3 floors. Walk through a glass window that provides breathtaking views of the majestic marine life and discover a world filled with writhing feet, gleaming scales and razor-sharp teeth! It is a visual treat with close encounters with various species such as clownfish, anemones, penguins, and Amazon forest residents such as African dwarf crocodiles, poison arrow frogs, and many more.

Buckingham Palace – The Serving Palatial Home and Spot of Esoteric Royalty of Britain 

Buckingham Palace serves as the official residence of Her Majesty “The Queen” is no short of any majestic opulence. The handsome red brick mansion was redesigned by Sir Christopher Wren to meet their royal standards. Since then, from Queen Victoria to the current residents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their children, it has passed the ownership between distinguished royals and members of nobility. The State Rooms provide an opportunity to view the finest paintings by some of the greatest names in art history. The Picture Gallery itself runs through the Palace's spine and portrays the art works created by Master Creators - Rubens, Titian, Rembrandt, and Canaletto. Explore the splendor and grandeur of the Royal lineage, the majestic drawing rooms in Buckingham Palace have own distinct style. The central feature of the room is a pair of throne chairs known as Chairs of Estate, which were used for coronation ceremony. There are also chairs made for King George VI's coronation and a single throne chair made for Queen Victoria. 

Frequently Asked Questions - Flights from New York to London 

Ques- When is the Best Time to fly to London?

Ans - The spring season is the best time to visit London because the temperatures are mild and the city's parks are green and blooming. During these months, the temperature is ideal for outdoor activities. This wonderful city can be explored all year long. During the winter, the city's tourist footfall decreases, and great deals and discounts are available from airlines.

Ques- What is the average frequency of flights from New York to London in 24 hours?

Ans - There are presently 5 to 7 scheduled daytime flights plying from New York to London in 24 hours. However, the frequency can change at any point of time depending on several factors, including the climatic changes.

Ques-   What is the easiest means to get from New York to London?

Ans – Book a flight if you are planning a journey from New York to London. Many airlines serve the New York-London route, with direct flights to London. You can check out the deals on the flights from New York to London. 

Ques- How much time does it take to fly from New York to London?

Ans - A standard flight takes approximately 7 hours, depending on the prevailing weather and other climatic factors. There are delays due to economic, social and political factors as well.   

Ques- What is the cheapest time to fly from New York to London?

Ans - The best deals on flights from New York to London are usually found in February or January, when booked 60 days in advance. You can save the cost of booking your flights on Tuesdays as compared to booking on days of the week when this route records high traffic.

Ques-  Which airlines fly direct from New York to London?

Ans - American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, British Airways, Iberia and Virgin Atlantic fly direct from New York to London. You can find a cheap fare. Book your ticket in advance to avoid and sideline the undue hassles during the rush hours. 

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