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Toronto to London

A journey from Toronto to London is an unforgettable experience that a traveler can ever get exposed to. Indeed, Toronto is a hedonistic place to explore, but the vibrant culture and stunning landscapes add more charm to London's beauty. Travelers from Toronto would not like to miss the sight of pedestrian marketplaces in London, thrilling nightlife, and royal heritage sites, noted international music events, fests, and generous hospitality. Traveling to London often becomes once in a lifetime experience where the traveler has the advantage to catch the worthiness of each moment closely, feeling it intensely from deep within.

A trip to London from North America can either shape up as a business tour, or an informal family trip, or solo sojourn altogether; the awesome British city balances adventure, peace and momentum. The balance thus created, is essential for a perfect vacation, and it helps in reaching to ultimate jubilation. Hiking spots (Epping Forest’s oak trail, Box hill, and Marlow), or sporting activities like skydiving, parasailing, and cruise riding, London has countless things to offer for the bonhomie travelers.

A DIE-HARD traveler is always willing to explore new places every time, and that's what a passionate traveler always does. Interacting with natives or fellow travelers from exotic lands, learning new experiences, and making new friends makes the visit to London quite special and uniquely incredible.

London is a city that never fails to amaze its admirers. Its clean surroundings, well-planned structures, and welcoming nature attract millions of people from different corners of the world. Although, Toronto has also premium attractions like CN Tower- An iconic tower with a revolving restaurant, and Royal Ontario Museum- The largest museum in Canada, and High Park- A stunning lush green area with a zoo and trails, but it is quite mundane and quite concrete in its character too. Travelers from London are interested in traveling to exciting places such as Hi-Tech metro cities like London, where they seep into an entirely lively world, often brimming with exclusivities.

Jaw-dropping places Worth Exploring in London

London is famous among both local and international tourists due to its luxurious shopping complexes, amusement parks, and natural attractions. It may be hard travelers from Toronto to cover all places in a single leap, and therefore, they need to explore the momentum of lovely places all around the London and the City of London in a planned and strategic way. Beyond the doubt, the aura of London is absolutely mesmerizing and the lifestyle of this place is remarkably great and eccentric. Being a traveler, you always need a place that has all the things including historical places, clubs, amusement parks, and thrilling activities. London has it all. Remember, while traveling from Toronto to London, you are enamored by amazing experiences that get instilled in your imagination and relive in your subliminal part for the years to come. Make your trip from Toronto to London exciting. Here are a few jaw-dropping places that should be included in your bucket list:

London Eye- A Quintessential Landmark Depicting the Microcosmic View of London

London Eye is far beyond the idea of structural landmark. In fact, it exuberates a bird’s eye view of London and adjacent areas. Its marvelous design and massive size attract tourists from all over the world. It was built to mark the millennium celebrations, organized in London in the year 2000. It is where you are going to gain breathtaking views that would make you feel totally pulsed. During 30 minutes ride on the London Eye, travelers would get a conspicuous sight of whole city and find everything quite petite giving the feel of the microcosm world. Gaining new experiences and trying new adventures is called soulful traveling, London is indeed a niche place to gain metaphoric experiences while closing on British culture. Such momentary experiences are called-for and become talk of the town when you fly back to Toronto and share them with your cronies.

Westminster Abbey- The Gothic Church with a Royal Fervor

Westminster Abbey is just to the west side of Westminster Palace. The gothic architecture of this church is the major highlight of Westminster Abbey. It was formally titled the Collegiate Church of Saint Peter at Westminster. Among local and royal families, this place has significant importance. Sixteen Royal Family weddings have been organized at the Westminster Abbey since the early 12th Century. In 1987 Westminster Abbey was recorded in the list of Heritage Sites along with the House of Parliament and Margaret’s Church by UNESCO. The interior of this abbey is beyond the imagination of a stoic. The golden and white contrast of Westminster Abbey lends this place a stunning surrounding from every aspect.

The Big Ben- A Legendary Piece of Architecture

The amazing clock tower was built in honor of Queen Victoria and had been ringing every fifteen minutes ever since its construction. Big Ben is truly a stunning creation that a traveler can watch closely in London and soon start feeling appalled by its remarkable height. This impressive tall tower housing a giant clock is famous for sending Pips before the BBC radio news programmes. The clock tower was renamed Elizabeth tower in 2012 to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. A tour of London would be incomplete without admiring the beauty of The Big Ben.

Buckingham Palace- A London Royal Residence Not Limited by Magnificence

Buckingham Palace is a place that needs no formal introduction at all. Globally, the palace is administrative seat and a London Royal Residence of Queen Elizabeth II. This royal palace is one of the best tourist attractions in London as the castle is often at the center of state occasions and royal programs such as the Platinum Jubilee and regularly changing the Guard ceremony. The subtle and intricate design of palace grabs the noted attention of the tourists from different corners of the world. The free display of precision marching is tuned to music and turned out to be an unforgettable moment. Buckingham Palace consists of a White drawing room which is a public room where the Royal family greets their special guests, a Throne room where visitors can see a pair of throne chairs, a Ballroom which is a massive hall used for major official motives, and a Music room which designed for the entertainment of Royal Family members. Grand Staircase Palace and Changing the Guard are some of the prominent highlights to experience in Buckingham Palace.

The British Museum- A Museum of Human History, Art, and Culture

The British Museum of London is one of the most popular and first public museums in the world. This noted museum is dedicated to human history, art and culture. It has a permanent collection of eight million artworks. The British Museum covers a sprawling landscape and has 94 galleries. The museum houses huge collections of the Anglo-Irish physician and scientist Sir Hans Sloane. Make sure you take this wonderful opportunity and explore the Controversial Elgin Marbles from the Parthenon that was sold to British officials by Lord Elgin in the 18th century. The Egyptian Mummies and The Colossal bust of Rameses II statue are also the part of collection at the British Museum.

St. Paul’s Cathedral- The Picturesque Church with Great Architecture in London

London is well-known for its marvelous designs and architecture, and St. Paul’s Cathedral tops the chart among them. The vibrant and eye-pleasing interior of this cathedral is absolutely a treat to the eyes. It is also the largest church in London as far as the expanse is concerned. This Anglican cathedral is also the seat of London’s Bishop. St Paul Cathedral is the central highlight and a brilliant example of English architecture. St Paul’s Cathedral offers multimedia guides in eight languages, which is remarkably an impressive Tell-A-Tale event.

Tower of London- Symbolic of Imperial Hierarchy and Craftsmanship

London has some most amazing sites and each of them is unique in its own way. The Tower of London is imposing castle and world heritage site on the North Bank of the River Thames in Central London. A grand palace early in its history, it served as a royal residence for many noble families through the history. The magnificence and splendor of the tower of London attract visitors to it. The Tower also has a more diverse and complex history, having been home to a wide range of spots including the Royal Armories, the Royal Mint, and even a zoo.

Hyde Park- The Center for Greener Wonders in Central London

Hyde Park is London’s gigantic general park and it can be your best place for a sweet family picnic. Exploring old-age castles, cathedrals, and museums might be tedious, visit Hyde Park with your friends and family and set up a picnic, and enjoy a blissful day. The park is separated by the Long Water and Serpentine lakes. In the late twentieth century, the park was pretty known for holding large-scale free rock music events, featuring groups such as Queen, Pink Floyd, and The Rolling stones. Hyde Park is now becoming the prime center of attraction for hosting numerous fests, concerts, and live events such as Hyde Park Bandstand Concerts 2022, where South London Jazz Orchestra with Simon Selman performed.

Frequently Asked Questions – Flights from Toronto to London

Ques - Which airlines fly from Toronto to London?

Ans – Several international airlines such as WestJet, Air Transat, Air Canada, Lufthansa, British Airways, and Virgin Atlantic fly non-stop from Toronto to London. However, there are also many more international airlines that route their flights to London from Toronto. You can check them out on consolidator’s website.

Ques - What is the best time to book flights to London?

Ans - In general, the suitable time to travel to London from Toronto is in June, July, and August. At this time, plenty of tourists visit London to experience the pleasant and mild weather. During these months, many airlines offer discounts on ticket booking.

Ques - What are the ways to find the best deals on flights from Toronto to London?

Ans – There are best deals available on flights originating from Toronto and flying to London. You can look out for the cheap flight tickets from Toronto to London by booking on the authentic online travel agency (OTA) website. There are OTAs that offer priceless deals and exclusive discounts on flight tickets. It is also a good idea to shop and compare at consolidator’s website.

Ques - What is the cheapest month to travel from Toronto to London?

Ans - Many travelers want to fly to London, keeping their budgets under the control. October through September are the two best months for budget-friendly air journeys. Several international airlines offer a decent discount during this month.

Ques - How many flights fly from Toronto to London in a week?

Ans - The number of flights may vary between the months. There is also the dependency on climatic conditions. The frequency of flight may also differ because of the socio-geographical condition of that particular place. Look out at the authentic travel agency to get an overview on the frequency of flights flying from Toronto to London.

Ques – How you can get the latest updates about London flights?

Ans - While flight booking, you can opt for the real-time update, which are displayed on the OTA interface. There is also an updated information on flight timings at the consolidator’s website. It is better to shop and compare at least from 2 or 3 websites before making a firm decision on ticket booking.

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